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Meet Suzy (&Barli)

2018 has brought all kinds of interesting change for me. I am currently working on a large exciting project ( more on that soon) and have found a super talented design star to help me with my new and return clients. Meet Suzanne Scott. Suzanne earned her Masters of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture and […]

Home Tour // Maple Leaf Mid Century Historical Landmark Home

  In Maple Leaf, the local notable architect James Chiarelli’s personal residence was built between 1948 and 1950.  In 2013 it was renovated by the current owners to update the interior while remaining incredibly faithful to the original design. The home is a bridge between classic mid-century modern and today’s design; it is listed in the […]

Actual Factual // Today’s topic, Countertops- just scratching the surface.

I read an article this morning regarding countertops. Often , this topic is a source of stress for my clients. The decision involves budget, aesthetics, hardness, resistance to bacteria, heat resistance, coldness to touch & ‘clean-ability’ & installation methods.  ProTip: Make things easier for yourself by ranking these above characteristics in order of importance to your […]

Reality check // Contemporary style in a traditional home- it’s ok!

A concern among my clients is not knowing if they should decorate traditional homes in a contemporary interior style. They become so conflicted and flustered & feel like they are betraying the house, it’s like some sordid affair! I hate rules. I hate interior design rules more. I get sad when clients think that there […]