Ballard Bungalow

This little dreamy bungalow was designed by Paul Whitney with Whitney Architecture in Ballard, Seattle. He has a way of designing amazing modern homes, yet can always make a timeless design of a perfect little bungalow when asked…

It is the perfect size:  3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 sunroom, 1 cat room, 1 tv room, 1 dining room/music room.

The color palette was fun to develop. The homeowner and I debated what the perfect gingerbread color would be for weeks ( over latte’s at the local cafe) until we had it perfect.

These colors are:

Main Body Color:Benjamin Moore’s #1064 (Gettysburgh Gold)
Main Trim Color: Sherwin Williams #6120 at 50%  (Believable Buff)

Inside there are some very cozy colors, tiles, and cabinet colors… as well~click on the gallery below to view them~

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