Thoughts on lighting and OMG, it’s dark at 5pm in the PNW.

I have had multiple clients ask me about lighting lately. I can understand why. We live in Seattle- it is dark at 5pm in November. My street lights went on at 4:50 yesterday. Sigh. It’s a hard time for many of us to stay motivated and not want to go to sleep at 5pm.

Here are some lighting improvement ideas, I am no expert- I just wanted to share some great sources, products & ideas.

  • Light your ceiling & corners. Use a torchiere lamp , or a lamp with a drum shade that shines light up and down.
  • If you have flush mount lights in each room, upgrade that fixture to one with more bulbs! this one is cool looking and is 15.75″ round with 4 bulbs in it! this will make a huge difference in each room- but wait. Please put in a dimmer switch so you have the option for softer lighting. This is easy.
  • Take down those ceiling mount lights and wash the glass. I have seen so many of these filled with dust and eeeeeks, dead bugs.
  • Clean your windows.
  • An obvious one, simply add more lamps.
  • If you have the budget, add a SolaTube .These are amazing & save energy.  Check out the site to see why.
  • Here are my favorite sources for lighting. All Modern, Wayfair, Light Art, Lumens
  • Hire a lighting expert.

Before you think you need a color change in your home, think about your lighting!



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