Summer Rhythm

This summer I got the great fortune of seeing some really old buildings , on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. I suppose it goes without saying that the richness, and luxuriousness that you find in european buildings is due to age and patina, but also because of texture & visual rhythm.  I was inspired to start thinking about textures in my house and how I am lacking this layer all together!

How are you using visual and tactile texture in your house? Are there any patterns, varying fabrics, repeated elements?

Here are 5 easy ways to add texture and therefore visual interest.

1. Patterned sheer curtains & textured roller shade/cellular shades.

2. Mosaic tile from Pratt and Larson  for  fireplace, entry floors, backsplashes ( small areas because handmade mosaic tile can be cost prohibitive)

3. Area rugs, from Lulu & Georgia- don’t be scared to have these have a strong design, don’t worry too much about them all matching. They could have a few colors in common to link them visually

4. Tablecloths– french linen of course:)

5. Wallpaper!-see these amazing ones from Hygge and West.  If you are shy, do a small area like: behind open bookshelves, powder room, backsplash with glass over it.


European mosaic tile

Mosaic Tile from Italy-


Mosaic tile , fireplace hearth Tyntesfield Estate, England

Embossed plaster walls, Tyntesfield Estate, England
Embossed plaster walls, Tyntesfield Estate, England