My color advice on Apt Therapy!

dear apt. therapy, thanks for post!

Anne Viggiano, Seattle Designer

According to Anne Viggiano, one great way to open up a small space is to use warm whites, like Cloud White by Benjamin Moore or Coconut by C2 Paint. “The natural and neutral bases in these colors pair perfectly with hardwoods, and other natural materials so you cannot go wrong,” Anne shares.

She also recommends painting the walls and the trim the same exact color but in two different sheens. This adds dimension without grabbing any attention away from the furnishings.

For those that aren’t afraid of a little drama, she also suggest Smoke & Mirrorsby Benjamin Moore. “This color is a green-based neutral, and it’s cozy without being too dark to ensure that you still get light reflectivity in a small space,” she shares. “If you can change the common perspective that small rooms shouldn’t be dark, and embrace the warmth of a darker tone, you will be surprised how at home it will feel and your attention will go to the lit areas and not the seemingly constricting boundaries of the smaller space.”