Wall Organization

It’s that time of year, a fresh start and time to clean up your life and clear things out!.  It can be a lot of pressure, and yet somehow all the insta influencers seems to have their lives and homes totally in order.  It is not easy to stay on top of clutter and mess in our homes, and there has a been a lot of chat about the KonMari method.

I wanted to share some ideas with you to help you begin to re-think being tidy and offer some realistic tips on how we deal with it on a daily basis, before it becomes overwhelming.  Here are some practical tips for living in a “KonMari-like” tidy home when you are a busy family.  You can do these baby steps even with small children, busy work lives, and no extra time on your hands.

Bonus: no shame required.

  1. Adopt the “New Minus Two” rule. Every time you bring something new into your home, put 2 similar things in a bag for donation. This is a very easy way to keep the balance in your home, prevent the clutter in the first place!  Keep a laundry bin or bag in your closet as a holding place for items to donate. I usually keep mine there a month to see if anyone has come looking for the item I have put in there. I drop the items off at the Goodwill after it’s  full. I call this the “new minus two” rule
  2. Pick one room at a time. In the spirit of completing your overall decluttering mission,  pick one room per weekend to de-clutter. Select low-stress weekends that work for you and your family.  It’s ok if clearing out clutter takes a while because it took a while to get there! It’s a hard process, and being kind to yourself is the best way to take steps toward loving your home and the ( messy ) people in it.
  3. Make “tidying up” a daily habit. Every evening, after dinner and before bed,  take 10 mins ( set a timer ) and have everyone go through the common areas and take their things to their rooms, recycle bin or garbage. You will be surprised what 10 min of daily attention does to a space! People of all ages can do this. Get the kids involved, put on a timer and some music and make it fun!
  4. Downsize your drawers. Use a smaller closet or smaller dresser for your clothes. Just like the small plate concept for eating less, this method makes you very  mindful about what you have in your clothing collection. Use the “new minus two” rule that I mentioned in #1. If you bring a new piece in to the closet, donate two old ones!
  5. Find organizational items that bring you joy. Really look around at the areas that have the most clutter in your home and instead of feeling ashamed about it, accept it (and your families quirks) and make a plan to focus on adding a new organizational system to that area. 

I hope you find this helpful!