My clients are my collaborators. We endeavor into a very long relationship of solving design, budget and construction issues. These clients become my friends and teach me so many things. I am always grateful to be a part of their projects, and watch their homes and families grow.  We always get some good laughs, endure stressful situations, and work together to make something beautiful.


“Anne is the queen of paint color. Her background as a painter has given her an intimate working relationship with color and a true knowledge of her medium. I have worked with Anne, both professionally and personally, and can tell you that she is dedicated, motivated, and knows her stuff.”

Carly Roberts

Anne did an amazing job in the remodel of our new home. She was a pleasure to work with and made all the hard decisions so easy. We are extremely pleased with her recommendations on colors, lighting, furniture and other items in our remodel. We highly recommend Anne.

Janie Gregorich

Anne is so incredibly talented when it comes to colors. She will make your lives 100% better with her clear vision and no nonsense style. We have recommended her to our friends and family and everyone has nothing but amazing things to say about her.

PRO – Daly’s Paint & Decorating

Anne brings a great combination of both design savvy and down-to-earth sensibilities with her design and color work. Many years ago I started noticing Anne’s work around town before I even had the pleasure of meeting her. She is one of the few skilled colorists I have on my short list of professional referrals for my own clients.

Kelly Prime

Working with Anne helped me sleep better. I know what I like, but don’t have the experience to have confidence in my choices. Anne was able to help us through every step of building our home from helping to design key features to choosing colors and finishes. Her sense of color is amazing. I remember one subtle paint color in particular. When it went up, it calmed the entire room. She also shared contacts for subcontractors who were a pleasure to work with. We look forward to working with Anne to furnish the house.

Christina Brosman

Anne is truly amazing! I felt totally overwhelmed with the challenge to pick colors for our new home. I am so grateful I contacted her. In a very short time we were able to narrow down the choices. She really focused on what I envisioned and encouraged me to go bold and colorful in some rooms of my house. With her guidance I dared to choose what I really liked and it all turned out beautiful. Highly recommend her!

Banyon Tree Design Studio

Relationship: Professionals working together on residential design projects (interiors and landscape)

Anne has a strong attention to detail, thoughtful presence, and a warm outgoing personality. Immediately Anne makes you comfortable in her guidance for finding the perfect solution for your home. I highly recommend working with Anne Viggiano Color and Design.

Marni Hanig

Anne takes the time to get to know your style and will also gently push you to try something a little out of your box, but really works for you house. She does a great job of working with the budget have and will not having you spending more than you are comfortable spending. She has great ideas and innovative home design solutions to dysfunctional aspects of your home. She helped me find a great contractor and great products in addition to a great design.

Ashley Sheldon

Anne is a color genius! She helped me choose the perfect colors for my home, both inside and out. She also helped us quickly and easily make design choices that would have been very overwhelming without her help. She’s incredibly responsive and brings a calm, positive presence to our home improvement projects. I highly recommend her as a designer!

“Anne,I just found this old e-mail and wanted to thank you, again, for the great help in picking my paint colors.  The colors are beautiful and we love our home!  The painting of the outside will be done next week and I think we will use the Ben Moore “Squirrel Tail” that you gave as an option thanks soooo much for your help, “ Sept 2010

“Anne brings an extraordinary amount of talent, professionalism & value to every project we collaborate on. Applying her color & design expertise to her client’s needs, desires & personality seems inherent & intuitive. Most remarkably, she is able to infuse a great deal of ease & fun into the design/construction process while meeting difficult budget & schedule constraints. ” April 14, 2010~Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Creative~Hired Anne as a Residential & Commercial color & design in 2000 , and hired Anne more than once

“I used Anne to help me redesign my kitchen. She was so easy to work with and came up with some very interesting ideas that I would never have thought of on my own. She really listened to what I wanted and incorporated an delivered a design that fit my style. Thanks Anne!” April 5, 2010~Top qualities: Personable , Good Value , Creative~Hired Anne as a Hard surface and color consultant in 2010

“Anne is a design superstar! She helped my family with several projects and Anne always hit the mark. Loved her color and finish selections!” April 1, 2010~Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Creative~Hired Anne as a Color and Design in 2005 , and hired Anne more than once

“I have seen Anne’s expertise when it comes to color consulting, but wasn’t aware of what a wonderful artist she is as well. I am now the proud owner of her artwork, and being a connoisseur of art, I am thrilled to have some of her work hanging in my home and office. She delivered the pieces in a timely fashion, and was a joy to work with. I would certainly recommend her artwork for both home and professional settings.” March 31, 2010~Hired Anne as a Artist in 2010

“The accent colors Anne helped us to select have made a huge difference to how our house feels and looks. It pops yet feels warm. See made it painless and gave us great rationale for her suggestions. She’s a great Color-Coach-for-the-Color-Challenged.” March 31, 2010~Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Creative~Hired Anne as a Color Consultation in 2010

“Anne is very unique in that she has great versatility in her home design consultations. We’ve worked with her on color, and designs for both bathroom and front rooms. Her vibrant personality adds fun and excitement to projects.” March 31, 2010~Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Creative~Hired Anne as a home design consultant in 2009 , and hired Anne more than once

“I recommended Anne to a business owner who needed a very large mural. I also recommended her to several other individuals who wanted creative painting in their homes. On every occasion, Anne provided the most creative and beautiful results and every client reported back to me that they were more than amazed at her work.” March 30, 2010~Top qualities: Great Results , High Integrity , Creative~Hired Anne as a General Contractor in 2006 , and hired Anne more than once

“In addition to Anne’s amazing abilities with color and design, she also brings the much needed energy which every successful project requires. Working with Anne is fantastic!” March 29, 2010

“Anne has a great eye for color. But more importantly, she takes the time to understand you and the style you are going after, sometimes when you can’t even articulate it, and put a palette that flows though your house and accents your rooms beautifully, Everyone that has seen my house comments on how great the colors are. I recommend her to everyone!” March 29, 2010~Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Creative~Hired Anne as a Color Consultant in 2008

“Anne was extremely helpful in recommending color palettes for our home that had just gone through a major remodel. She was able to “see” what it would look like even without a stitch of furniture and things still under construction. I wanted “color” in my home (not just white/off-white walls) but had no idea what would look good and I was overwhelmed by all the choices. Anne is such an expert. She asked a few questions. Walked through the home and gave me some immediate recommendations to try out. One color she recommended for the master bedroom seemed a bit radical. She assured me we would like it but gave me another option just in case… she was right. The minute we put a small test on the walls, we fell in love with the color and we still love it! I highly recommend Anne. Not only is she an expert with color, she is wonderful to work with and very professional.” March 29, 2010~Top qualities: Expert , Good Value , Creative~Hired Anne as a Color/Interior Design consulting in 2007~Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Creative March 29, 2010

“Anne provides color consultations for my landscape design clients. Exterior walls, front doors, fences and other garden surfaces become beautifully blended elements of the landscape. You won’t believe what her knowledge of color and design will make your living space look like.” March 29, 2010~Top qualities: Expert , Good Value , High Integrity

“Anne has an exceptional eye for function and design. Her advice in my studio remodel was practical, affordable, and helps me sell art. She resolved issues with grace and tact.” March 29, 2010

“Anne was great! We hired her to provide us with color consultation for our new house and some design ideas. The transformation was remarkable. I’d say hiring Anne provided the best return in house improvement for the amount of money we spent.” February 16, 2010~Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Good Value
hired Anne as a Color & Design Consulting in 2004 , and hired Anne more than once

Hi Anne: Thought you should know that the carpeting is almost done.
The new design looks great, very contemporary and professional. The
color choices worked out really well. You should pop by sometime and
check it out!